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Click Here and approve the permissions
Then Click Here to copy token.
Info! You can get token with only chrome.
Change your facebook settings go get profile picture and cover photo likes Click Here and Change it open for all and change "Public Profile Info" to Public

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

FB Liker:

What is FB Liker?

FB Liker is an application which help you about incresing your post's like count./h5>

How can I use this application?

You can get help from our help document actually usage is really basic.

Is this app damage my facebook?

No, System do not do any spam or something like but FB Liker can not be held responsible for any situation that may occur on Facebook. We recommend that you read the terms of use.

Is browser or operating system important?

Operating system is not important but you have to use chorme or firefox,others can may occur some problems.

Can I use it in my phone?

You can download our IOS application from Appstore.

Application Usage:

I get error at login page?

Your token may wrong or it may hasn't got permissions, Please get new access token from mainpage.

How can I find post links?

You can get link when you click text something like "x minutes before" then opened page's url is your post's link.

How can I login?

You have to get access token,Please read instructions at mainpage. Token means an url which your browser redirected.

I couldn't get url what can I do?

When you logged in you can use picture like or status like page in left menu.

Comment likes is not increasing?

You can get comment link when you click next to comment text something like "x minutes before" then opened page's url is your comment's link.

Error Codes:

I couldnt get likes?

You have to open followers.
You have to be +18 years old.
If you are doing process for other person this person must be logined at least one time the system

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